The Unforgiving (Lawful Evil) Lesser Power


Vengful Brother of Jucarus
Domain: Fire, War, Evil, Destruction
Favored Weapon: Falchion


Valcarin the Unforgiving is the god of vengeance and retribution and is without mercy, He is often the patron of bounty hunters, the wronged, and the fearless. Nothing stops Valcarin from answering any slight against him. That being said he is not without measure. Eye for an eye is fair, but so is vile word for vile word. The helmeted face of Valcarin never blinks and never turns, his eyes fall upon all.

He is brother to Jucarus
He is opposed by Kwai of the Court of the World.

Clerics: May not let an insult pass.


The Argent Tabernacle Fleshman