The Huntress (Lawful Neutral) Lesser Power


Goddess of the Hunt, Wilderness, Twins
Domains: Animals, Travel, Death
Favored Weapon: Long Bow


Jendora is the militant in the Court of Summer. Her personality is quiet compared to the rest of the court, she sometimes angers her mother with her ability and love of the hunt. Ahlun has troubles understanding her daughter’s need to slay prey. Othila does not understand her serious nature. Her father’s is light hearted and accepts her, but Tristal does not really understand her either. Her Uncle Kindar, while more accepting of the natural order of life and death, still is not very supportive of her millitant nature. Jendora has started to bond with Kwai the Understanding. They met on a spring night. He was training and she was hunting, from here this started a friendship that is starting to blossom into other feelings. They have kept this relationship secret from their Courts.



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