The Council of Balance

The Council of Balance is led by Moriar the keeper of Souls.

Her will is not easily known, for she seems to have no great agenda. She does lend strength to the Council and protects those that meet from time to time.

Members of the Council are:

Ren’El of the Court of Dawn

Othila of the Court of Summer

Forge of the Court of the World

Whisper of the Court of Shadow

Other members are:

Azarath the Mad, whose chaotic nature keeps him from forming any bonds or ties.

Uta the demi-god the recent acended mortal, he resides here untill he learns how to walk the halls of godhood.

Other entities that have power, meet here. Though they do not have power to influence the Courts, they can observe the goings on and be aware as it pertains to their follows. An example of this is Lolth, whose great power comes from the worship of the Drow, yet she is weak in the world, being an outsider to this realm. Any gods that come from outside the realm, would be considered as such and find only the Council as a refuge, no matter the similarities between them and the other Courts.

The Council of Balance

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